Modern Curved Roof House with Cottage-Like Addition in Scotland

Modern Curved Roof House with Cottage-Like Addition in Scotland

House No 7 is a project completed by architect Murray Kerr from Denizen Works for his parents, on the Island of Tiree, Scotland. After carefully analysing the context and the original structure of the house, Kerr concluded that the best thing would be to rebuild it from scratch. He also planned to add two new additions, connecting them to the main house through the service unit. By mixing traditional features with modern “ingredients” he obtained a fresh new design. Naturally, the most intriguing design element used in creating such a darling place is the curved roof. Now, a house with an arch-like roof – that’s not exactly something you get to see everyday!

The stone cottage-like structure serves as a guest house. The main house, made of galvanised steel and corrugated fibre cement with a stone base (the same stone used for building up the rustic-inspired guest house), feels bolder and a little bit more modern. Ground floor comprises the bedrooms whilst living room, kitchen and dining area are all located on the first floor. Interior inspires breeziness and tidiness. “After rebuilding the old house, we had some stones left over, so we reused them elsewhere. The idea was to create a robust outside, contrasting with the light and airy space inside.”

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