Contemporary Loft in Russia Integrating Elegant Design Elements

Contemporary Loft in Russia Integrating Elegant Design Elements

Located in a new building in the city centre of Moscow (Russia), this contemporary loft was design by Alexandra Fedorova. The residence belongs to a family of five, parents and three children. After living for many years in U.S., the family decided to move to Moscow and start a new life. The challenge for the architect and her team was to create an elegant and contemporary interior, embellished with design elements familiar and very dear to the owners. Something to remind them of their previous home. An american-like décor upgraded with elegant features was a must!

With a large entrance hall, elegant furniture (most of it designed at a local carpentry shop), smooth neutral textures and artsy decorations, the apartment looks flawless. From artwork to furnishing details, everything was selected with care. Glass, metal and wood harmonise beautifully. Space was divided in two different areas: private and social. The private area accommodates the master bedroom and a well lit glass office. The apartment features also a beautiful spacious terrace. 

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  • Nathan February 26, 2014 at 21:43 PMLogin to Reply →

    Oh my gosh, this is absolutely gorgeous. Those contemporary sinks in the bathroom really set it off