Old Elegance Meets Modern Approach: One House, Two Faces in San Francisco

Old Elegance Meets Modern Approach: One House, Two Faces in San Francisco

Janus House is a residential project, where old elegance meets modern, completed in 2012 by Kennerly Architecture & Planning in San Francisco. The house has two façades, a classic and formal one, Victorian, to the north and a less stiff and contemporary appearance, to the south. One of those homes that cannot pass unnoticed, Janus House responds to the neighbourhood’s challenging landscape. The bold side of it displays a series of coquette traditional homes whilst the modern side, unpretentious I dare to add, presents a more dynamic environment. The transition from classic to modern minimalism can be perceived as a front-to-back metamorphosis, emphasising the property’s versatility.

An open gable framing and massive glass walls define the contemporary side of the property. Well-lit and uncluttered, the interior feels very comfortable and bright.“Inside, old and new blend together in an open suite of rooms. Upstairs, the existing attic was mined for unused space to create quirky gabled bedrooms each with its own character.” The top floor comprises several bedrooms, each with a distinctive design.

  • Section of the house
  • Floor plan
  • White decor
  • Kitchen wood floor
  • High ceiling
  • Openness second floor
  • Bed and small stairs
  • View daylight
  • Refined interior
  • City view house
  • Detail House Neighbourhood
  • Lovely Janus house
  • Bedroom view red detail
  • Facade white
  • Evening view front
  • View inside
  • Janus House