Striking Unexpected Warped Window in London by Shirazeh Houshiary

Striking Unexpected Warped Window in London by Shirazeh Houshiary

An unexpected warped window is at home at Church of St. Martin in the Fields, from Trafalgar Square, London, composed by surprising abstract design. Distinctive to the area that abruptly warps a large church window into a visually peculiar model. In charge of the project was the talented visual artist, Shirazeh  Houshiary, born in Shiraz, Iran. Recalling a cross, both the horizontal and vertical lines seem to be endlessly moving towards a median aperture that allows the sun to illuminate the interior. With its network like concept, it reunites elements from religion with the intricate construction aiming to form a monochrome, one-of-a-kind spectacle, to celebrate light. Every evening the ellipse is insidiously lit and increases with the fading light creating a strong visual effect seen both inside and out.

The richness of natural light insinuated through the etched glass and steel fret work gave the project light with the sole purpose to permanently replace a window shattered by bombs during World War II, to “successfully animate the light”. When speaking about her work, Houshiary explains:“the universe is in a process of disintegration. Everything is in a state of erosion, and yet we try to stabilise it. This tension fascinates me and it’s at the core of my work.”

  • 3 - 4 white  columns views
  • darker view of the window
  • evening - dim light - view of window from outside
  • golden chandelier view of window
  • inner left side view - little light
  • lighter white predominant - view of the window and altar
  • lower outer view of window
  • view from back of church - column view also
  • wider outer view of window and church