Charming Light-Flooded Attic Apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden

Charming Light-Flooded Attic Apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden

We step inside this modern Swedish, light-flooded attic apartment and explore the playful distribution of light. The charming city of Gothenburg is the place to be if you’re into gorgeous interiors. Simplicity is valued, highlighting a bohemian and romantic lifestyle. Tastefully decorated in black and white, with white as a dominant colour, the apartment was envisioned as an open plan living space, breezy enough to allow the inhabitant to move freely. Designed to provide all the comforts of home, the compact dwelling is light-flooded, fully-equipped with modern appliances (kitchen), traditional beams and a fireplace.

The natural light, the wooden floors and the fireplace’s warmth add a sense of coziness. Despite the colours chosen to decorate the interior (neutral and sterile), the place looks and feels welcoming. The living room represents the core of this small haven. You can see the entire living space from here, no matter the angle. Light bulbs hang from the ceiling, reminding us of how simple Scandinavian design gets at times. This is definitely the place to relax and enjoy a good book, for instance, during the cold winter days.

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