Beautiful Crafted Wooden Rug

Elisa Strozyk is a talented German artist. She managed to craft amazing rugs made of dyed wood attached to a textile base, blurring the line between fabrics and hard materials. What she creates is simple and beautiful and it has a great impact upon the viewer: small triangular pieces of wood, in different shades and colours, come to life, forming geometric patterns, patterns that define the rug’s decoration style. Her coloured wooden rugs are unique pieces of art, flexible and different from anything you’ve experienced so far in terms of carpets.

Wooden Rug

“The potential of the wooden carpet is its flexibility. It can be rolled up and transported easily. The carpet’s ability to move implements a potential of change.” What’s really fantastic is that it adapts to different contexts: you can lay it flat on the floor or you can crinkle it, completely transforming the ambience of a room. Modern and creative, Elisa’s wooden rugs come in various interesting colour combinations, complementing any interior. 

Dynamic Wooden Rug
Colored Wooden Rug
Details Wooden Rug
Playful Geometry
Details Rug
Home Decor
Furniture Piece and Rug
Burst of Colors
Detail triangles
Mixing Rugs