Dynamic Beach House Integrating Volumes in Its Structure by SPG Architects

Dynamic Beach House Integrating Volumes in Its Structure by SPG Architects

Meet the amazing and dynamic Beach Walk House located on Fire Island, New York, a project designed by SPG Architects. As you can see, the house’s structure consists of three volumes, each establishing a boundary between the interior areas. The team responsible with the project managed “to create a dynamic composition of three intersecting rectilinear forms, which is rotated on the site off the prevailing grid. This decision maximized both views and privacy.”

The first vertical slatted volume (located on the ground floor) houses different equipments. It’s a good deposit space for beach, sports and leisure-related items. The central wooden volume accommodates several bedrooms and baths, for both, guests and inhabitants. Now, on top of that, there’s the metallic clad volume, containing an open plan living room, spacious, comfortable and last, but not least, with amazing views of the ocean.  Our favourite spot is (definitely) the living room. A warm and relaxing atmosphere encompasses the place. It magically transforms itself into a romantic shelter, especially during the evenings, when the warm, subtle light spots are turned on.  Photo credits: Daniel LevinJimi Billingsley.


  • Elevation C
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  • Second Floor Plan
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