Infinity Pool

A project designed by Kendle Design Collaborative, the Rammed House is one of those inspiring homes that keep the idea of simple sophistication alive. Located in Paradise Valley, Arizona, this single storey residence captures the arid wilderness and it offers some of the most interesting views you’ll ever get to see. Owning a house here, it’s almost like living on another planet: the atmosphere is less stressful and the time runs differently. Despite its location, the house looks very modern and stylish. It features a terrace, an infinity pool and it incorporates a lounge area.

Side View

“The feel of this home is evocative of the mid-century modern homes which once dominated the surrounding area before the McMansion craze of the last decade. The scale of the home is decidedly “cozy” and visually calm with a minimalist approach to materials and detailing, allowing the focus to be on art and nature, meeting the owners goal of creating a home of simple sophisticated elegance without being boastful.”  A range of humble materials were used in defining the house: you get to see the rammed earth walls, the limestone floors and the wooden ceilings. The interior is quite breezy, exuding brightness and  tranquility.

Rammed House
Infinity Pool and View
Room With a View
Living Room
Details Living Room
Breezy Living Room
Fireplace and Terrace View
Modern Furniture
Kitchen Details
Room Rammed House
View From the Inside
Terrace Evening View
Evening View Terrace
House in the desert
Details House
Evening View
Details Evening View
Details Evening
Terrace View