Irresistible Interior Decorated by Pepe Calderin Design Inspiring Comfort and Sophistication

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The Picot Residence is an outstanding penthouse apartment with gorgeous decorations and precious furniture items designed by Pepe Calderin Design, in New York City. Inspiring and chic, the apartment tells the story of the enchanting items that adorn it. A powerful mix of colours and materials are displayed: daring red ornaments meet dark nuances, wood meets leather. Smooth textures add a touch of sophistication. The lighting system plays an important role in creating a special ambience. Elegance and preciousness define this space.

The designers were not afraid to use colours, bringing a fresh, energetic and a visionary approach to the design process. The result is a vivid interior, a space that “has no boundaries, and has endless possibilities.” There are no doors. As a consequence, a fluid space is created, making the apartment look larger than it actually is. With a wonderful and relaxing view over city’s skyline, the Picot Residence is one of the most amazing homes we’ve ever seen. The all-white bedroom inspires tranquility, while the library area connects the viewer with the exterior through floor-to-ceiling windows.

  • Amazing Details
  • Amazing View
  • Gorgeous Decorations
  • Lovely View Evening
  • Luxury Apartment
  • Luxury Apartment White Bedroom
  • Luxury Interior
  • Uncluttered Environment
  • White Bedroom
  • Zen Elements