Swimming Pool

Summer is here, so all we can think about is a breezy, uncluttered home, with a large swimming pool and lush vegetation surrounding it. While “hunting” homes, we ran into The 299 Soper Place, a home designed by the  Canada-based architectural studio,  Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects Inc. This 4,800 square feet residence accommodates a new lavish spa, a multipurpose lounge, a guest house and a 4-car garage. The client wanted also to enjoy a little bit more the outdoor experience. “A covered walkway was replaced with a fully enclosed glass link that provides year-round access between the addition and main house, and provides a secondary entrance to the home.”

Wonderful Soper Place

The 299 Soper Place residence emphasises a seamless transition between the two environments. A previously covered walkway became a glass indoor link, connecting the new built addition to the old house. The outdoor experience became a priority. The lounge area was extended and the dinning room “was moved” outside. Whether you choose to spend your time inside or outside, the atmosphere is relaxing and uncluttered. “The ground floor of the addition has the feel of a Scandinavian spa, featuring fitness equipment, massage room, steam room and a versatile gathering room with amenities for food preparation and indoor lounging. With the patio doors open, the west facing rooms each expand onto the pool terrace.”

Soper Place
Terrace View
Detail House
Beautiful View
Stone Wall
Dinning Room
Living Room
Kitchen And Coffee Table
Bedroom Furniture
Wood Love
Wooden Details
Stone And Wood
Massage Room
Marble Bathroom
White Bathroom With View
Terrace Evening View
Swimming Pool View
Night Soper Place
Ground Floor Plan
North East Elevation
South West
South West Elevation
Site Plan