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Defined in 2012, Mediterrani 32 is a high-quality architectural project that focuses on the importance of nature and bringing it inside the house. The project was completed by Isern Associates and inspired by the words of Claude Monet, the impressionist painter, who stated that only the surrounding atmosphere can embellish a subject and give to it a true value. Exploring the words of Monet, the designers envisioned a space that establishes a dialogue between the interior and the exterior environment. The location, very steep and narrow, did not represent an advantage. The designers chose to expand the house on vertical levels. 

House View Exterior

At a glance, the house seems to integrate perfectly into the landscape despite the contrast created through its “raw” look, unveiling a living space that is quite luminous and bright, despite integrating some obvious industrial elements. Sliding doors separate the open plan kitchen from the terrace, inviting the nature to smoothly sneak inside and the normal doors that separate the living spaces have been eliminated, in order to create more space and more breeziness. “All this helps create a very formal building, with huge cantilevers facing out to emptiness, the woods and the sea which lie before it. A structure which opens up to these views and the sun, and which thanks to the terraces and the porches confuse the interior with the exterior.” 

Mediterrrani 32 House
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Open Plan Living

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Details House Plan
Fourth Level Plan
East Elevation