Inspiring Mix of Materials and Textures Exhibited by Casa Spa in Peru

Inspiring Mix of Materials and Textures Exhibited by Casa Spa in Peru

A highly modern architecture approach, a generous mix of materials, spacious interiors and extensive ocean views characterize Casa Spa, located in Playa Gaviotas, Canete, Peru. The project was envisioned by Gomez de la Torre & Guerrero Arquitectos as an opulent retreat, where the transition from one covered living zone to the neighboring open space is barely noticeable.

The exterior of the residence reveals the architects’ choice towards simple geometry. Casa Spa is shaped like a giant rectangular white box, with a large terrace and suspended glass bedroom opening up to the rear garden and ocean views beyond. The breezy feeling is taken indoors, where the design of the rooms pay tribute to space, natural lighting and comfort. A water fountain&small pool combo acts as the focal point of the living room, adding up to the fresh feel of the place. Can you spot any detail that you would personally add to your own home decor?

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  • David Traversa February 18, 2015 at 02:29 AMLogin to Reply →

    Well! it seems Peruvian architects (and their clients) are making whoopee with the creation of this spectacular architecture!!
    The refinement of these designs is mind boggling.
    The whole series of Peruvian houses shown on this edition are remarkably
    beautiful and exquisite in their interior design (and obviously SO EXPENSIVE!!).
    But as they say in Spanish: “El que quiere celeste que le cueste”.
    (Use Google for the translation).