Evening View

Prentiss Architects studio has defined this volumetric and cozy contemporary dwelling, located on a ridge on San Juan Island. Two volumes compose the main residence. There is another additional structure, used as an office, studio and a garage. The house was envisioned as a home for a couple and it faced a few construction problems, due to the raw terrain. The house overlooks the coast of San Juan Island, offering stunning views and overall, an incredible living experience.

House Cliffside

The cliffside house keeps a compact look, bringing together horizontal tiles of concrete and wood. The several small terraces and exterior spaces aim to create a more airy inhabitable living space characterised by transparence and freedom. Floor-to-ceiling windows enable this seamless transition between the environments and a small Japanese garden completes the site. Due to the isolated location, nearby the woods and overlooking the coast of San Juan island, the residence is a simple contemporary house, peaceful oasis, ideal for a couple that seeks to live in harmony, away from the busy-crowded cities.

Forest and House
Concrete and Wood
Rocks and Transparence
House Plan
Details Plan
Site Plan