Surrounded By Vegetation

Meet this versatile space, a house that is so flexible that can be used as a calm retreat when you are getting enough of that too-fast-moving-forward world called city, as the coolest party spot or as your less regular home, surrounded by an airy and  carefree site. Located nearby the river, in the picturesque region of Brittany, France, the D House is a space that connects the human to its natural ambient through open space living rooms, natural materials and last, but not least, through the relaxing ambience that Lode Architecture managed to create.

Social And Intimate

The location is really impressive, especially during autumn, when the leaves start falling in a playful manner, creating eventually a colourful thick carpet around the house. If you’re into sports, you can explore your limits and try a ride with the kayak on the river. The interior is neat and spacious, without being too edgy nor sophisticated. Its striking simplicity is exactly what you need when you arrive in a place such as this. “Life is organised here around the hearth, the stairs and a central cooking island. All around you, panoramic views of the undergrowth and beyond the river are offered by the upstairs floor.Wells of light passing through the upstairs floor invite the sky into this blended landscape. On the ground, the stone disappears, the windowed angles fade. We live inside the wood.” 

View At Dawn
Side View Forest House
Side Transparent View
Autumnal View
Open Space Living Room
Open Space Room
View And Kayak
Cool Illumination System
Floating Atmosphere
Wooden Interior
Wooden Shelving
Neutral Room
Neutral And Wood

Side Transparent View
Perception Upon the House
Minimal Furniture
By Night
House Plan
Plan First Floor
Side Section
Transversal Section
Transversal View
House Section
Ground Details Plan