Good Example of Creative Modern Japanese Architecture: U3 House

Good Example of Creative Modern Japanese Architecture: U3 House

The uncommonly looking U3 House by architect Masahiko Sato of Architect Show is a good example of creative modern Japanese architecture.  The residence is located in a crowded neighborhood of Fukuoka city, Japan and showcases quite a few interesting site adjustment features. In order to cope with the limitedly-sized terrain, the architects came up with a white cube house design, visually contrasted by an intriguing architectural element: a base clad in dark walnut.

The interiors are highly modern and the minimalist arrangements inspire plenty of space. With the help of ingeniously placed windows, the entire house is flooded in natural light. Small spots hidden in the ceiling provide a subtle, yet powerful illumination once the sun sets. The use of wood softens up the otherwise sober feel the house lets out. One of the most unexpected features of the residence is a narrow inner garden, ensuring a small, but welcoming space for relaxation.

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  • Frank Forma October 24, 2012 at 07:51 AMLogin to Reply →

    Very clean construction. Mr Soto san has a very clear style in architecture by building complex shapes using timber and steel.