Unique Beachside Hotel For Demanding Travelers: JK Place Capri
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Unique Beachside Hotel For Demanding Travelers: JK Place Capri

Before summer ends, you might want to enjoy a trip to a unique place, where water meets the sky and the mountains in an almost suspended beauty. I’m talking about JK Place Capri - a luxurious hotel right on the beaches of Italy’s Capri Island.Welcoming guests with 22 spacious rooms, the beachside hotel combines historic inspiration with modern amenities in a breathtaking design. This island retreat extends its fascination on surrounding outdoor space, boasting a perfectly manicured set of outdoor spaces and an inviting garden. Lounge by the heated pool or enjoy a challenge at the gym, topping it all off with a visit to the spa. Serving traditional Mediterranean cuisine at the fine restaurant and displaying a sophisticated atmosphere at the bar, the hotel envisions a relaxing time away from home in an elegant natural and designed landscape. You will definitely look forward to coming back for another great vacation!

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