Terra by Stepevi

Just one look at these luxurious rugs and I immediately want to run my fingers through the deep pile. Manufactured in Isparta, a southern Turkish town synonymous with carpet production, these exquisite rugs are from the impressive portfolio of Stepevi, a family enterprise that was founded in 1919 in Istanbul. With a strong focus on the concept of refined modern luxury and innovative craftsmanship, the Turkish company has managed to create a decadent yet understated collection of rugs that will have no problem taking centre stage in any contemporary interior.

Touch me by Stepevi

Stepevi’s reputation, experience and expertise in the field has lead to the company working in collaboration with award-winning and internationally acclaimed designers such as Ora Ito, who designed the Parquet rug below. This may be the most eye-catching and unusual rug in the collection but there are certainly plenty of options available, all of which add a sense of flamboyance and artistic practicality to an interior.

Parquet by Ora Ito for Stepevi
Mercer Vedia Lines by Stepevi
Demure by Stepevi
Cameo Sushi by Stepevi
Terra Crystal by Stepevi
Mercer Vedia Cage by Stepevi
Infusion by Stepevi
Parquet by Ora Ito for Stepevi
Cameo by Stepevi

Do these rugs make you want to roll around on them and run your fingers through the pile too? We think they look might cosy!