Floor Levels Alternating Between House And Garden

Floor Levels Alternating Between House And Garden

Located in Cachagua, Chile, this volumetric residence did not benefit from ocean views – so Santiago-based studio dRN Arquitectos designed the structure to open towards a tree cluster and the coastal hills to the east. The 2,800 square foot Los Molles House proves to be a beach house without direct or visual access to the beach, encouraging the architecture to make the most of its location. Architects describe the floor plan as a liaison between the interior and exterior spaces: “The plot is divided in five parallel strips, occupying the site in its full length.The interior programs of the house are organized in two bars, divided by a third strip of garden of four meters of width. 

This scheme of garden-house-garden-house-garden alternates interior and exterior spaces, which are placed in different levels of the topography so that the roof of one volume can be use as a terrace by the volume above. This simple fragmentation of site and program, and the definition of different levels, produces equivalence between inside and outside spaces; parallel interior and exterior connections: encouraging a more casual life in the outdoors.” During the winter, the second floor becomes the center of the house, the rest of the spaces being closed to shape a more introvert lifestyle. Perfect for all weather and using only what is necessary – these are definitory traits for dream houses.

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