Minty and Blue Used to Define a Colorful Apartment in Brazil

Minty and Blue Used to Define a Colorful Apartment in Brazil

Project RLHouse was designed by São Paulo-based studio Guilherme Torres and consists of a generously-sized (1,560 square feet) contemporary apartment, located in Curitiba, Brazil. The owners were not pleased with the traditional look of their old home, so they commissioned the studio to create a new appearance and bring a fresh atmosphere to their apartment. Here is more from the official project description: “The base for the decoration was the fusion of polymer cement, minty and blue colors and the use of a whole wall covered in pinus, a wood that has virtually no commercial value in Brazil. Another high point of the project was to expose the structural column right in the entrance door, composing a beautiful set with the dinner table. The kitchen received furniture in black lacquer, counter-tops in Corian and Smeg home appliances. An important point is: all the main pieces such as tables, sideboards and sofa are designed by the architect”. How do you like this vivid design mix?

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