Mangas rugs and pouffs designed by Patricia Urquiola

Designed by Spanish architect and product designer Patricia Urquiola for Gan Rugs, the Mangas Collection features rugs, runners and pouffs made from 100% wool and hand made in India. The products are made from a patchwork of different design wool knits which create unique textured designs in different complementary colour ways and sizes.

We recently wrote about the trend for knitting in interior design and these products would fit in with this trend perfectly. The big chunky knits are perfect for lazing about in front of the fire on a cozy winter evening. Don’t you think?

Mangas mini MM3 from GAN rugs
Mangas largas naturales ml1n by GAN rugs
Mangas campana1 by GAN Rugs
Managas natural pouffs by GAN Rugs
Mangas largas by GAN Rugs
Mangas mini MM2 by GAN Rugs
Mangas runner by GAN Rugs
Mangas largas by GAN Rugs
Mangas pasillera by GAN Rugs
Mangas mini by GAN Rugs
Mangas collection by GAN Rugs