Former Industrial Warehouse Turned Into Design Gallery in Barcelona

Former Industrial Warehouse Turned Into Design Gallery in Barcelona

BD Barcelona Design is a Spanish company with decades of experience and international prestige. The team recently completed a design gallery in Barcelona, where creative minds in the country will be able to showcase and sale their works. The new exhibition space is a result of an architecture conversion, from an old industrial warehouse. Here is an excerpt from the official press release we were sent: “If Barcelonaís prolific design culture could be contained within four walls, it would have a new address. BD Barcelona Designís new showroom gallery occupies a former industrial warehouse in 22@, Barcelonaís emerging creative district. The new showroom gallery will act as a dynamic meeting point for Spainís design community, make its collection available to be viewed (and purchased) by the public at large, and celebrate craftsmanship, luxury and that wondrous human capacity to imagine, innovate and create“. How do you appreciate the design of this exhibition space?

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