Light, Organic Furniture Piece: Bare Bones Ghost Chair

Light, Organic Furniture Piece: Bare Bones Ghost Chair

Did you ever think you could use driftwood to create a functional, remarkable design? The Bare Bones Ghost Chair is an organic, visually light furniture piece that was developed by using six worn out pieces of wood and an acrylic sheet. Its appearance combines the roughness of unprocessed wood with the elegance and refinement given by the translucent acrylic. The chair can be used in a variety of modern interiors, with spectacular visual results. Despite its light look, the piece is said to be quite heavy, due to the acrylic. We found this interesting mix of natural and man-made on Etsy, and found out it can be yours for $300. Its dimensions are 27″w x 30″h x 24″d and 17.5″ seat height standard and each item takes about four to six weeks to be built and shipped to its user. How do you appreciate the design of this chair? Would you consider having one in your home?


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