Cozy Swedish Apartment Featuring Original Details

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Cozy and bright, this Swedish Apartment seems to encompass comfortable, stylish furnishings in all its three rooms. The well-planned 20-century apartment is located in Linnéstaden, Sweden, on the 3rd of 5 floor of an apartment building designed back in 1927 by architect Carl Bengtsson. Bright and cheery, the apartment spotted on Alvhem displays a chic combination of modern furniture and original details, like the three-foot ceilings, moldings or cast iron elements. Recently painted light grey walls in the bedroom cool the atmosphere and offer a beautiful background for the white furniture. The spacious living room features fine oak parquet flooring and original windows with wide window sills. With a courtyard- facing balcony and a cozy fireplace, the apartment gives its inhabitants the choice of having breakfast outside or warming up near the fire flames playing inside the white-painted fireplace with a hot beverage in hand, depending on the season. Which one of these two scenarios do you like more?

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