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There is no denying that the tough economic climate is having an effect on our purchasing decisions. As consumers or specifiers, we are now more likely to opt for better quality products that will last longer. But we are also more interested than ever in buying products that have a reduced impact on the environment.

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This beautiful wooden flooring from Danish manufacturer Dinesen meets all these criteria. Quality is absolutely paramount to this family-run company and every single floor is custom-made to fit each particular room. The wood is sourced from Europe’s best forests, and comes from trees that are between 80 and 200 years old. The trees have been meticulously cared for throughout their existence and are managed by the principles of “Dauerwald,” which means promising sustainably productive, profitable, environmentally stable, biologically diverse, and socially responsive forests, patterned after nature.

Sustainable Wood Floors from Dinesen MacDonaldWrightArch

The great thing about the planks of wood from Dinesen is the fact that they are astonishingly long and wide, making them a hit with architects who appreciate the ability to lay flooring often with no partitions or joints. Dinesen offers solid oak planks in widths of up to 50 centimetres and lengths up to 6 metres and the Douglas fir planks are available in widths up to 45cm and lengths of up to 15 metres, making them perfect for large open spaces.

Sustainable Wood Flooring from Dinesen

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Dinesen's Sustainable Wood Flooring

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I love the way that these extra long planks sweep through these interiors creating such a lovely flow throughout the space. The sheer width and length of them seems to create a feeling of space even when the rooms aren’t actually that big. Also the idea of walking on wood that had been growing for 200 years seems very romantic to me. What do you think?