Breaking Industrial Neighbourhood Patterns: Umicore Office Building in Belgium

Breaking Industrial Neighbourhood Patterns: Umicore Office Building in Belgium

Conix Architects recently completed an office building for company Umicore, located in Hoboken, Belgium. The building is part of a large industrial park, lacking identity. The architects therefore tried to create a strategy that would lead to a new corporate identity, while integrating the structure within its environment. Here is more from the project developers: “The new office building is the eye-catcher, encapsulating and generating the company’s new corporate identity. It offers a place to stop on the main axis which runs through the entire site. By narrowing and shaping the street profile, the idea of an entry area is created, an element that was lacking. The office building is unrestrained in design in contrast to the monotonous and randomly selected surroundings. The design draws one’s attention, in an emotional response, counter to the existing rational background. By positioning the building at a slight angle, the axis of the central entry road is broken.” What is your stand on this office building design, considering the connection to its industrial environment?


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