Versatile and Playful Seating Unit: CUBE by Melted Architecture [Video]

Versatile and Playful Seating Unit: CUBE by Melted Architecture [Video]

Melted CUBE is an original seating unit designed by Björn Verch of Melted Architecture. According to the press release we were sent, organic shapes and trend-setting curves characterize this design, making it flexible, convertible and yet complex. The CUBE can be upholstered with various clothes and materials and was especially developed to offer visitors and waiting guests of fairs, events, clubs, shops, beaches and hotels a space to relax. The architectural but lightweight structure (foam) allows individual and quick changes while offering general logistic advantages. The insets of the CUBE can be used as a seating surface, a temporary storage or as a pedestal. The three modules are linked together with high quality velcro tape. In single modus cuffs can be sticked on the velcro tape. Depending on the designated application, the CUBE can be tailored for indoor and outdoor use respectively. We know its design is as serious and practical as it gets, but don’t you just feel the urge to use it as a playground?

melted architecture CUBE production reel from melted architecture on Vimeo.

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    […] space for temporary storage or even as a pedestal. Velcro tape helps to connect the three modules of the Melted CUBE. The new seating unit can be used outdoors or indoors as your wish. It is so unique among other […]