Bathtub Collection Gathering Ocean-Inspired Models from Bagno Sasso

Bathtub Collection Gathering Ocean-Inspired Models from Bagno Sasso

This trendy and original looking bathtub collection comes from Bagno Sasso AG, a Swiss company headquartered in Landquart. For today we would like to present the models in their ocean-inspired collection, entitled as follows: Shell, Sailor, Circle, Wave and Wing. Each of the products is genuine and has a contemporary, appealing look. Moreover, the bathtubs are customizable, allowing each potential owner to choose from several materials and finishes when ordering a product.

Ocean Shell

Ocean Sailor

Ocean Circle

According to Manuel Dreesmann, the designer of both Ocean Wing and Ocean Wave displayed below, these two bathtubs  fit perfectly into the modern bath lounge. The main structure of both bathtubs is made out of corian which makes the organic and dramatic forms possible. Ocean Wing plays with the natural element of wood outside and the warm and hygienic corian in the inside. The contrast of this materials and the form, which combines this two harmonically, are the key design elements of this bathtub.

Ocean Wing

Ocean Wave is a celebration of a relaxing bath. The spacious and elegant impression invites the resident to take time and escape from the everday life. Because of its extraordinary form it is meant to be placed in the centre of the room.

Ocean Wave

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