Compact Kitchens from Kitchoo

Compact Kitchens from Kitchoo

The UK’s Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) recently launched a campaign called HomeWise to highlight the fact that most new build homes in the UK are falling short of the recommended size guidelines. Britain’s ‘shameful shoebox homes’ are failing to provide the space that families need for modern day living. The average new three bedroom home currently being built by the UK’s top house builders is around 8% smaller than the basic recommended minimum size, depriving families of the space needed to live comfortably and cohesively.

Just as new build houses are getting smaller, many of the existing larger properties are being carved up into smaller apartments or studio flats in order to house burgeoning populations. These small dwellings often cram the living quarters into as few rooms as possible and open plan seems to be the key with living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms often being confined to a single room.

With space being such a premium these days, innovative space-saving designs for the home are more important than ever. These compact kitchens from French company Kitchoo are designed to provide all the functionality expected from a kitchen in the least space possible. Most models incorporate an integrated fridge-freezer, an induction hob with 2 rings, and a telescopic mixer tap, whilst optional extras include integrated dishwasher, microwave oven, washing machine, recycling bin and cutlery rack, depending on the model.

Kitchoo compact kitchens are sophisticated, well-equipped and extremely practical. The five designs, including the award-winning K1 kitchen, can be hidden away behind closed doors when not in use and look like any other cupboard or dresser that you might find at home.

Living in a property with such a small kitchen can’t be easy. But these lovely little compact kitchens would certainly make life easier when space is limited. Don’t you agree?


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