Old Warehouse Converted Into Spectacular Urban Home

Old Warehouse Converted Into Spectacular Urban Home

Ready for another ingenious building transformation? What you see in the photos below used to be an old neglected warehouse. The architects managed to convert it into a mind-blowing contemporary residence, featuring no less than three bedrooms, three bathrooms,  an inner courtyard with lovely heated pool, a theater room and a garage spacious enough for up 10 cars. Located in the suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, this friendly home may not have access to a lush natural landscape, but all the rooms communicate with a lovely central garden, especially design to add a relaxation area to the project. Trees, a delightful tea/ dining table and a small, but welcoming pool turn this place into a great place of refuge for the inhabitants of the contemporary crib. For the ones who wish to find out more about this home, it is currently up for sale here.

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