Modern Scandinavian Apartment That Literally Shines

Modern Scandinavian Apartment That Literally Shines

We found this Scandinavian apartment that is quite different from the Swedish cribs we usually publish. With a total living area of 185 square meters, consisting of four rooms plus kitchen, you could say this crib is addressed to those used to an opulent style. The core of the loft is an open plan living room, designed in a highly contemporary manner. The white lacquer finishes make this place literally shine. The socializing zone includes a sofa, dining able and kitchen island. Splashes of color appear here and there, for creating interesting visual contrasts. A silver stag is the most striking decorating item from all the room and seems to be a statement of the luxury this home implies. The loft also features an indoor pool and a beautiful terrace for relaxation. Does the overall design of this apartment appeal to you?


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  • David Traversa March 9, 2015 at 01:06 AMLogin to Reply →

    Splendid place to call it home!!
    I was very impressed by the beautiful silver stag head on the wall.
    As much as I abhor a REAL stag head as adornment, I love the
    artist conception of a beautiful animal (or person or whatever)
    and its position in this case was crucial to display it at its best.
    One thing I still have doubts about are the dining chairs… that
    sort of CHER–like zebra upholstery… it still doesn’t click with me.
    Truly nice place.