Sustainable Home With Lovely Design Features Near Seattle

Sustainable Home With Lovely Design Features Near Seattle

Ellis Residence was designed by Coates Design and is a 2,560 square foot contemporary home located in Bainbridge Island, a city in Washington state, USA. According to the architects, “the owners’ goal was two-fold: they wanted to prove that sustainability can be achieved without compromising a modern aesthetic design and they wanted to motivate others to follow suit.The design limits its impact on the environment with a multitude of sustainable practices. Through implementation of geothermal, photo-voltaic, solar hot water, and advanced heat-recovery technologies this home has succeeded in reducing the energy consumption by more than 70% compared to a typical home construction. The home also makes use of rain water cisterns for irrigation of native landscaping and a vegetated roof. The project’s ecologically small footprint was not just constrained to the construction of the new house. Rather than demolishing the existing structure on the site, the team deconstructed, it effectively diverting 98% of its material from the landfill“. Aside from having powerful sustainable features, the residence displays a tasteful interior design, with plenty of inspiring arrangements. Have a look!

  • Ellis-Residence-00
  • Ellis-Residence-00-1
  • Ellis-Residence-01-750x499
  • Ellis-Residence-02-750x499
  • Ellis-Residence-03-1-750x433
  • Ellis-Residence-03-2-750x459
  • Ellis-Residence-03-3-750x490
  • Ellis-Residence-03-4
  • Ellis-Residence-03-750x478
  • Ellis-Residence-04-708x1100
  • Ellis-Residence-05-1
  • Ellis-Residence-05-2
  • Ellis-Residence-05-750x550
  • Ellis-Residence-08-750x490
  • Ellis-Residence-09-749x1100
  • Ellis-Residence-11
  • Ellis-Residence-11-0
  • Ellis-Residence-12-1-733x1100
  • Ellis-Residence-12-741x1100
  • Ellis-Residence-17-750x500
  • Ellis-Residence-21-750x970
  • Ellis-Residence-23-683x1100

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