Modern Japanese Home With A Fascinating Architecture Geometry

Modern Japanese Home With A Fascinating Architecture Geometry

This stunning looking minimalist residence was designed by Shigeru Fuse Architects and is located in Abiko, a city in northern Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The striking thing about this unusual home is its architecture geometry. According to the project developers, the construction site has a height difference of about 5 meters between the pedestrian path on the south and the the parking lot facing north . The total building area of 48.54 square meters required unique architecture plans in order to enhance living space. The residence belongs to a married couple who requested that the concrete interiors of the house should be similar to that of a gallery. Even though the rooms may give the overall feeling of living in a trendy bunker, inspiring soberness and lacking vivid colors, their originality is striking and therefore highly appealing. The architects say “the interiors were pursued by a rational form of spatial relationships and structure, which creates a sense of various space perceptions“. We are curious in finding out your opinions regarding this Japanese home design. [Photography: H. Ueda ]

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