Carbon Fiber Bathtub For The Strong-Hearted by Corcel

Carbon Fiber Bathtub For The Strong-Hearted by Corcel

Have you ever seen a bathtub that makes such a strong visual impression? This incredible carbon fiber bathtub by Corcel seems to play with senses and to completely reevaluate one’s idea of taking a bath the calm way. Because what it inspires is speed in a straightforward way. Its appearance is unique, with black stripes that contribute to an original aerodynamic shape. The design also captures artificial light, reflecting it in a sophisticated manner. According to Trendir, the carbon fiber tub is part of a limited edition called  ‘No 1′  and belonging to the company mentioned above. Now this type of design is definitely not for everybody. If you are one to love a soft bubbly bath, then this black, strong monster is not for you. It does have a pronounced manly feel about it, doesn’t it ?


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    […] This is a carbon fiber tub by Corcel, completely re-evaluate the idea of ​​someone about how cool bath. His appearance was unique, with black stripes. The design also captures artificial light, reflected in a sophisticated manner.[Via] […]

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