Energy Efficient Single Family Home in Dallas, Texas

Energy Efficient Single Family Home in Dallas, Texas

The UR22 Residence was designed by Vincent Snyder Architects and is a 4,000 square foot home located in Dallas, Texas. The clients’ brief requested a home that would provide a good indoor-outdoor connectivity. Moreover, they wanted a place that would meet their socializing needs and that would be suited for both small gatherings and large parties. Its exterior is truly imposing, making the residence stand out, especially during night time. Once inside, guests are welcomed by a generous open plan living room, with a bar, dining space and two relaxation areas. We particularly like the exposed wooden beams which add originality and warmth. Using just half the energy per square foot of a common home, the  UR22 Residence was built with renewable materials. Moreover, the house features ground source heat pumps, rainwater harvesting and uses solar power. For a better understanding of the project, take a look at the sketches at the end of the post.

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  • Lean Green Eco Machine – Innovative Dallas House | Griyasolo September 14, 2011 at 23:05 PMLogin to Reply →

    […] Now, this is what we call a lean green eco machine! The UR22 Residence designed by Vincent Snyder Architects is a 4,000-sq.-ft. Dallas, Texas house boasting a unique blend of traditional features and materials used in innovative ways, like the zigzagging roofline and the slate shingles that wrap around from the rooftop down the walls. Expansive glass facades transform this house into a glowing beacon by night, while inside in the light of day, every corner is naturally illuminated. The clients had a tall order for this house – apart from bring a sustainable architecture project, it was to have an indoor-outdoor connection, and a floor plan suited to entertaining small and large groups alike. Thus, an open concept house plan was born, with a modern yet rustic character highlighted by a maze of exposed wood beams overhead. On the other side of the glass, outdoor entertaining areas protected by deep overhangs provide shade form the sun and shelter form the rain. But probably the coolest things are those you can’t see outright. This eco house design consumes half the energy of a traditional home, and was built using renewable materials. Sustainable features include ground-source heat pumps, rainwater recycling and yes – this passive solar home operates off the grid thanks to our warm friend above. Vincent Snyder Architectsvia Freshome […]