Modern and Energy Self-sufficient Residence in Costa Rica

Modern and Energy Self-sufficient Residence in Costa Rica

Casa Torcida was designed by SPG Architects and is located in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Consisting of no less than 5 levels and stretching over an area of 18000 square feet, you are looking at a project that was developed from an abandoned structure made up of steel frame and concrete. Here is a project description from the architects: “The house is environmentally sensitive, technologically advanced, and modernist by design. A flexible building perimeter provides a seamless flow from inside to out that completely blends the built environment with the natural setting and the spectacular views. The house is energy self-sufficient – appliances and lighting were chosen for low power consumption that is sourced by photo-voltaic cells on the roof. Solar hot water panels provide domestic hot water. Maximizing cross ventilation and ample overhangs have eliminated the need for air conditioning in this year-round tropical climate. As a result, this house is an indigenous yet distinctly modern piece of architecture“.

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