Cozy & Picturesque Home Built on a Small Bay

Cozy & Picturesque Home Built on a Small Bay

Waterfall Bay House is a spectacular wooden residence designed by Pete Bossley Architects and located in New Zealand. Here is a small description from the architects: “Located in a remote bay in the Marlborough Sounds, this house emphasizes on the intimate qualities of the small bay. Set close to the water it runs along the contour as a two storey primary element incorporating living areas above and guest rooms below. Linked by a glazed bridge is a main bedroom, raised above the cliff on visually unstable legs to emphasize its eerie-like relationship to tree tops and sky“. We particularly like the interiors of this home, which inspire the coziness and warmth of a beautiful mountain cottage. Due to large windows, the inhabitants can enjoy unobstructed views of the beautiful green-colored lake. The fireplace, pillows and generous bookcase make this home a wonderful retreat, perfect for a holiday getaway.

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