Romantic Sea House with Lovely Rustic Details

Romantic Sea House with Lovely Rustic Details

Here is a home that is sure to bring out your romantic side. Located not far away from the sea, this residence inspires peace, tranquility and an overall sunny feeling. With a delightful rustic design, both the exterior and the indoor decors give out a warm feel. According to Skeppsholmen, the building is located in Malarhusen, Sweden and has a total living area of 485 square meters. A generous courtyard was arranged by the owners so that many activities could take place outdoors, when the weather allows it. A small pool and cozy patio furniture provide just enough for the inhabitants to have a lovely time. The interiors are truly delightful, with rustic decorative elements enhancing the space and ensuring a unique, unforgettable atmosphere. We decided to present a large number of photos for this home, simply because we like each and everyone of them and we believe so will you. Enjoy!

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