Opulent Beachfront Estate with Sumptuous Decors: Jewel of Maui

Opulent Beachfront Estate with Sumptuous Decors: Jewel of Maui

Maui is a picturesque Hawaiian island capable of offering unique holiday experiences. This opulent villa is called “Jewel of Maui” and consists of 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Its architecture seems to express the fact that this house is meant for active relaxation only. Here are some information about the amenities of these residence: ” The Jewel of Maui is a dramatic vision at night, as seen from the edge of the sixty-foot luxury infinity-edge pool. Inside, there is central air conditioning and a media room with a 9-ft. projection screen & plasma TV/DVD system. The grand hall ensures every guest in the home has a comfortable place to gaze at the ocean and pool areas from the plush, 30 ft wraparound sofa. Other features include world-class TV/DVD/CD/Digital cable stereo systems in every room, gourmet kitchen, high-speed wireless Internet, BBQ, ocean view dining and a gym at this phenomenal beachfront estate.” This vacation retreat is up for rent here, with prices ranging from $6,750 to $8,250 per night. Do you think it is worth such extravagant expenses?

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