10 Tips for Decorating your Kid’s Bathroom

10 Tips for Decorating your Kid’s Bathroom

Teaching young children the fundamentals of bathroom responsibilities can be a challenge. From toilet training to how to brush their teeth, kid’s bathrooms should be an inspiring and fun place for them to learn and grow. Decorating a kid’s bathroom can borrow design cues from their bedroom. With color, creative organization, and areas designed just for small hands and creative minds, here are 10 tips for decorating their bathrooms. Depending on the age of your kids, use these tips with age appropriate design in mind. For younger children, primary and bright colors are inspiring, and for older children consider more mature color palettes of neutrals and pastels.

1.)   Create a colorful backdrop: While most plumbing fixtures stay in neutral tones of white, bone, or brown, the backdrop around them should be colorful and fun. Consider painting vanity cabinetry, walls, wallpaper, and stencil playful sayings on the walls. Be careful when using wall stickers, as the humidity in the bathroom may cause them to not adhere well.

2.)   Keep walls clean with durable surfaces: When decorating a kid’s bathroom, especially around wet areas such as the toilet, sink, and bathtub, ensure the surfaces are easily cleanable and durable. Ceramic wall tile, scrubbable wall paint, and beadboard paneling is ideal.

3.)   Supply ample lighting: This tip is for any bathroom! You don’t want to have dark areas in the bathroom. For cleanliness issues and for little one’s to see what they’re doing. Kid’s bathrooms are a prime area to get hurt in, so ensure that lighting sconces, overhead ambient lighting, and even pendant lights over the vanity are bright and don’t cast shadows.

4.)   Organization is key for kid’s learning: When decorating a kid’s bathroom remember to put organization in easy to find areas, and easy to reach heights. Vanity sinks with open shelving below, bath toy storage with suction cup holders, and baskets for toiletries will help kids keep their bathroom clean and tidy.

5.)   Small fixtures for little one’s: Believe it or not there are small plumbing fixtures ideal for toddlers and smaller children. There are mixed reviews as to whether smaller fixtures are good for teaching kid’s how to use the bathroom. Regardless of the reviews, when planning your kid’s bathroom, know these options exist for your growing child.

6.)   Accessorize on a budget: While you can spend a fortune on decorating your kid’s bathroom, also realize that simple color palette matching accessories that are affordable can give you a great look too! From color coordinated bath linen, area rugs, shower curtains and toiletry holders can mix and match colors, and patterns for a designer look.

7.)   Choosing a theme: If you are at a loss for how to decorate your kid’s bathroom, consider choosing a theme that they enjoy. From animals, sports, and fun pass time activities; to their favorite cartoon characters and favorite colors, the options are endless. If your child is old enough, ask them for their opinion as to how they’d like to decorate their bathroom.

8.) Bathroom safety: Ensure their bathroom has proper safety methods instilled in the decor. While beautiful vanity cabinetry crystal knobs maybe beautiful to look at, if not secured correctly they can be a hazard for little ones. Ensure all cabinetry, harmful chemicals and decorative items are not easily accessible by kids.

9.) Updating a teenager’s bathroom: For older children and teenagers the urge to want to over accessorize and color coordinate the decor may not be as strong. Instead opt for temporary accessories that can change as your teenager’s mood! Colorful towels, area rugs, coordinated to a piece of artwork hung on the wall may be all their bathroom needs to make your teen feel comfortable in their space.

10.) Keep it simple: It is easy to get wrapped up in decorating any one room of your home. Remember to have fun when decorating your kid’s bathroom and seek inspiration from blogs, interior magazines and visiting your local houseware stores. Many stores offer “instant bathroom decor” for you. From coordinated color schemes to accessories that you can mix and match. No thinking required!

Bringing the elements together for your kid’s bathroom decor can be simple and enjoyable with the use of these 10 tips. Consider the age of your child when decorating and also your lifestyle. If you’re a busy parent who doesn’t have time to clean up lots of toys in the bathroom, keep open baskets and areas for quick clean up. Remember, you are teaching and inspiring your kids to enjoy bathing and creative learning.

Freshome readers what creative kid’s decor do you have in your home?


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    Great tips on how to decorate your child’s bathroom! All of the pictures you chose are perfect examples of a great looking kids bathroom! I agree that lighting is a very important factor in any bathroom, especially childrens. Thanks for all the great ideas!

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  • Amy June 15, 2011 at 12:51 PMLogin to Reply →

    All the design tips are great idea…i really like the co-ordination of colour and design…great job…wall decal stickers can also be a great way to co-ordinat wether you co-ordinate with the colours or themes, its an easy alternative…http://www.wallartsticker.com.au

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