How to Warm up your Dark Hallway Interiors

How to Warm up your Dark Hallway Interiors

There is nothing less appealing than walking down a dark hallway in a home and feeling like you are walking down a dark hole. By using color and light, a dark hallway can be inviting, and even serve as an experience as your guests and family members travel down the corridor. If you are trying to solve a dark hallway dilemma, look at these tips. Often times, adding a window with natural light, or even adding wall sconce lighting fixtures can help. See if these tips can help your dark hallway feel brighter.

  • Use windows and skylights to let in light: If you are in the position to plan out the hallways in your home, whether it is for a renovation, addition, or you are trying to add more light to an existing home, consider adding skylights or windows.  Windows that flank either side of a long corridor will make it inviting to walk down and window treatments can be used to filter out bright glaring light, as well as beautify the corridor, and give guests views to enjoy as they take the long walk.
  • Use mirrors at then end of the hallway: Consider placing a mirror or decorative glass at the end of a dark hallway to reflect light and give the illusion of a brighter end to the space.  Consider using light fixtures overhead, wall mounted sconces, or even decorative pendant lights placed throughout the hallway will help in reflectance and add illumination to your dark space.  If you have architectural niches, light these areas too, to add visual distractions and visual appeal.
  • Take advantage of free wall space: Instead of thinking of your hallway as a problem, think of it as additional real estate to add functional home amenities to! From bookshelves and shelving, to built-ins that can house decorative display collectibles, home office supplies, or electronics. Many homes have a long hallway at the top of a stairwell, or at an intermediate landing. Consider using this space for an office niche for a laptop and seating area. Take advantage of using your vacant wall space for amenities you didn’t think you had room for.
  • Create a visual destination: One of the easiest ways to combat a dark hallway is to place a visual destination at the end of the hallway to make people want to get to the end of the hallway. This can be solved with a beautiful piece of artwork, an accent wall color placed at the end, or a ceiling to floor window that engages you as you walk down the corridor. Consider using alternating finishes on the floor and walls to truly make the destination worth going down the hall for!

Brighten up your dark hallways with these tips and see how an uninviting part of your home just became more appealing! From lightening your space with natural light, lighting fixtures, mirrors and color, the possibilities are endless, and you don’t have an excuse anymore to be ashamed of your dark hallways.  For more hallway ideas, consider adding wainscoting, chair rails and ceiling details to visually add interest to your once “eye sore” of your home.

Freshome readers do you have dark hallways in your home? Share with us decorative tricks that you use to brighten them up.


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    Great tips and beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!!!

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    Hi Guys, great post!

    If you are in a position to add windows to a dark corridor there’s no better way to introduce light. To soften harsh sunlight, adding a voile curtain can be a great solution.

    The addition of a fabric will soften the feel of the corridor and a voile can be used to defuse harsh sunlight.

    When adding a new window, remember that direct sunlight is not the friend of artwork and furniture. It might light the space, but it will fade your prize possessions.

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