Surprising Apartment Design in Paris: Le Loft des Innocents

Surprising Apartment Design in Paris: Le Loft des Innocents

Le Loft des Innocents is an inspiring and amazing looking apartment in Paris, redesigned by Frédéric Flanquart after an accidental fire had destroyed parts of its former interior. Here is an excerpt from the designer’s description: “The outlook of this area turned really fast into a crazy challenge: design and achieve a shell-free space with – as reference marks- only half-burned out staircases -leading to the lower level-, a huge scaffolding structure used as a roof, and a 360° view over Paris. The client wanted something new, ambitious and creative, in order to turn over a new leaf after 10 years spent at the loft. We came up pretty quickly with the idea of a quiet and relaxing place during the day switching to a genuine place of mystery and pleasure at night. Straight or slanting, geometrically random at times, the work of lines highlights every detail. The loft, a filled with emotions project, combines complexity, simplicity and lightness.” We really love the effect the wooden beams have on the overall appearance of the apartment. Do you find this particular approach appealing or obtrusive? [Photos by Ludo Martin and Pascal Otlinghaus]

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