Artist’s Studio in the Shape of a Playful Wooden Treehouse

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This unusual artists’ studio was developed by studio¬†Malcolm Fraser Architects and is located in Glen Nevis, Scotland. Deep in the forest, the intriguing unit is only accessible through a bridge and a beautiful wooden path, also built by the project team. According to Dezeen, Outlandia was developed for an art association called London Fieldworks and wishes to serve as a flexible meeting space in the forest for creative collaboration and research. Here is more information from the architects: The building itself sits out from a 45 degree slope: a treehouse, part-built out the trees cut down to form the site, entered across a bridge¬†from the slope behind; a simple box, leaning-out into the view with big windows opening-up to it. Part of the building of it was a low-impact, eco-friendly use of material recovered from the site; part the opposite, high-impact and hairy landings of concrete, for the foundations, from a helicopter. What do you think? Is this the sort of place that could trigger ideas and creativity?

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