Spectacular Waterfront Residence with Infinity Pool in Miami Beach

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Villa Valentina is an impressive looking modern residence situated in Miami Beach, Florida, United States. You are looking at a glamorous home featuring no less than 6 bathrooms and 6 bedrooms. Its multi-level terraces and wide windows allow unobstructed views of the beautiful bay, while the strategically placed patio furniture ensures unforgeable moments outdoors- as if the beach were not close enough.

Moreover, this building’s amenities include an entertainment center, a business center, home theater, wine cellar, state-of-the-art kitchen equipment (we would be really interested to know who thinks of cooking while renting an incredibly expensive villa for a few days, meals included), barbecue and parking for six cars.This home is currently available for rent, for the opulent cost of $6000 – $11100  per night and the villa policies don’t allow more than 14 guests at once. Slightly overpriced, but the interiors are quite inspiring, have a look!

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