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Modern Flexible Storage System with Numerous Features

The Front Flexible wall-mounted or freestanding storage system was designed by Stockholm based Skala Design. Used for beautifully storing and displaying magazines, newspapers,  books, pictures, letters, postcards, photos, journals, notices, brochures or any other things like that, the storage system also brings a modern twist to the room. With panels on which you can mount glass or Plexiglas ledges with vertical and/or sloping fronts, the Front Flexible System is also available with a magnetic whiteboard or a notice board in grey cork linoleum or covered in fabric. The storage system: “is secured to the wall using a metal rail. Front components include glass-fronted ledges, coat racks, a glass planter, display boards, panels, storage shelves, flexible panels and freestanding screens – all available in oak, birch and a choice of eight standard colours. Accessories include wooden dividers that slot on top of the glass fronts to divide each shelf into compartments, magnets for the whiteboard and castors for Front freestanding units.”

Front  Modern Flexible Storage System with Numerous Features

Front 2 Modern Flexible Storage System with Numerous Features

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2 responses to “Modern Flexible Storage System with Numerous Features” - Add yours!

  1. John said:
    February 21, 2011

    Great shelving unit. This would be an awesome display for a store, but also a great bookshelf at home for displaying your favorite covers.

  2. TC said:
    February 21, 2011

    This is FABULOUS! I would love to get one for my own personal use. As a college student, this would be great to organize everything I need for classes. I don’t have a hutch to my desk either, so this would be perfect. It would definitely bring a modern touch to my room as well. But I totally agree with John, this would be a great display for a store, or, in my opinion, perfect for a doctor’s office, where it can display notices and hold magazines and such. How versatile! Love it!

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