Beautifying your Front Entry with Architectural Details

Beautifying your Front Entry with Architectural Details

The front entry of your home sets the tone for your guests when they first arrive at your front door. Whether you like it or not, you front entry may be the deciding factor if your home looks inviting and welcoming or the complete opposite. Architectural details on your home can enhance your front entry and help set the tone for your interiors. If you are trying to enhance your front entry, the colors and architectural style details you choose can provide all beauty you are looking for.

  • Light the way: Have you ever been to a beautiful home in the daytime, but when you drive by the house in the evening the front entry is dark and uninviting? Architectural lighting can enhance your home, and make your home more inviting and safe to walk up to. Landscape lighting can also be included with architectural details, as they light the walkways, sidewalk, and front porch of your home. Use up lighting to also enhance architectural details like columns, niches, and trim enhancements on your exterior. Your home should look beautiful at night and in the day!
  • Highlight architectural period details: Whether your home is a modern and minimalist home or it is a Victorian styled home from hundreds of years ago, architectural period details are what make your home unique and personalized. Look at your front entry and look for details that can be painted, enhanced or updated. Trim around windows, and doors, shutters, and cornice details can be painted in a contrasting color to stand out, or blend with surrounding features. Look at the front façade of your home as a whole and determine which details run around the perimeter of your home. Roof eave details and gutters can be highlighted with color and can make a bland front façade more visually appealing.
  • Mix and match materials: Often times the best way to beautify your front entry is to use existing materials and enhance them with a variety of others. Brick, stone, siding, cedar shingles, exposed wood and metals can all enhance each other in separate details of your front entry. To unite your front entry with other areas of your front façade, use the same geometric shape, but differentiate with colors, scale, and materials to bring your theme together. Strong geometry can beautify a front entry, and can be mimicked in you porch decor, front door, and even roof details.
  • Simplify your front entry: Have you ever noticed that the smallest details can subtly make your front entry sing? Instead of using color to signify the front door, how about changing your front door style and shape to mimic surrounding exterior details? If you have stairs leading to your front door, use mosaic tiles and quarry tiles to highlight the way. Even simple walkway banisters and handrails can make a huge presence. Try updating your existing house numbers, wall mounted mail box and door hardware to complete the look!

Your front entry can be beautified with light, architectural highlights, and simplification. If you are trying to make your front entry read as a welcoming home to visit, beautifying its architectural details can help. Use these simple tips to help you create a front entry that you and your guests will be proud of. Also look at your neighbor’s front entry’s for inspiration. You never know, they may have ideas you can recreate at your home, or your home may become their inspiration!

Freshome readers, tell us how you have beautified your front entry!


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    I love your article about the importance of the front door. Though I realize that many people do not have homes like this many ideas can be tastefully incorporated into small and more basic homes. I guess it all goes back to curb appeal. Your article gives people great ideas they can use in even the smallest and modest of homes. Thanks.

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    verry beautyfull…………………

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