Modern and Practical Addition to a Seattle Brick Bungalow

Modern and Practical Addition to a Seattle Brick Bungalow

Architecture studio Shed has sent us one of their projects, a contemporary addition to a small brick home. Here is a brief description of the project together with some photos of their work: “The owners of this one story Seattle brick bungalow needed more space for their growing family. They also wanted to open up their house to the backyard, but modifying existing brick walls and adding new ones is expensive. To meet these needs, the design solution for the addition was conceived as a metal box, just large enough to contain the new bedrooms and baths, placed on top of the house and set back to minimize the impact on the existing roof and rooms below.  It extends beyond the existing footprint at the back of the house to shelter a new deck and full height corner glazing that connects the kitchen to the backyard. Salvaged bricks from this opening and the demolished back porch were used to build a seat wall that reinforces circulation and serves as a remembrance of the porch.” We are looking forward to your opinions regarding this home extension.

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