Outstanding Nightclub in Barcelona Inspired by Ice Caverns

Outstanding Nightclub in Barcelona Inspired by Ice Caverns

Elia Felices has completed the interior design for a remarkable nightclub located in Mataró, near Barcelona. Here is the project description they sent us: ” La Cova. Dance Theatre has a total area of 500m2. It is equipped with variable lighting, furniture designed exclusively by the studio, and forms and colours that replicate ice caverns. A landscape of this type in the middle of the city causes a great impact. The interior is a flowing space with different areas, most of which are open and easy to move around in, creating circuits in which people can interact. To emphasize this ease of movement within the public areas, the frontage is made of transparent glass. The project is laid out as a long space on a single level which allows for a rational and intense distribution of the clientele. There are a number of different areas: the cloakroom and ticket office are on one side of the entrance. A curved wall with an elegant blue velvet curtain leads us through a door similar to that of the facade and onto the dance floor where two bars with long counters run along either side, and the entrance to the toilets is also here. The DJ cabin and the area for the audience are at the rear, while the stage is in the center. The most restricted areas, the changing rooms and storerooms, are in the innermost recesses of the premises.

The lighting is one of the main features, with the dance floor illuminated by two enormous neo-baroque lamps hanging own like stalactites. The other source of light is compensated by some standing vases that look like rocks emerging from beneath the floor. This all white surface has the effect of multiplying the illumination and altering the overall mood of the space by changing with the different colours while the clarity is sufficient to glimpse the people occupying the cavern and to discover the most magical recesses.  La Cova. Dance Theatre has a distinct appearance and a natural charm that is ideal for meeting people, and where better to meet a special someone than somewhere as special as an urban ice-cavern?” (photos © Rafael Vargas)


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    […] Elia Felices is the man who has designed the interiors of the fascinating nightclub – “La Cova Dance theatre”. The nightclub has been designed in inspiration from ice caverns, and it is very much evident in colors and forms used. A flowing space with different open areas has been created in order to allow visitors move around easily and interact with each other. The main eye catching feature of the nightclub is its lighting. Two amazing neo baroque lamps are hanged to illuminate the dance floor. The other source of light is the enormous vases that appear like huge rocks.{via freshome} […]

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