Bright and Cosy Villa Displaying an Interesting Shape in Austria

Bright and Cosy Villa Displaying an Interesting Shape in Austria

Located in Graz Geidorf, Austria, this next residential building, named the 3S Villa, was designed by architects from LOVE architecture and urbanism. The 145 sqm of the house seem to overcome the boundaries between inside and outside. Although the building has a contemporary structure, the whole concept of the house is based on the relation between nature and human space. Even the roof has an interesting shape: it folds on the southern terrace, continues up and over the building and ends up forming an abstract saddle roof.  The white exterior acts like a canvas for the architect`s desire to explore and experiment with different forms. Each of the vantage points offers another view of the wonderful exterior design. The terrace in the back of the house has wood flooring, just like the interior. The same shade of brown allows the flooring to connect the outside with the inside in a natural manner, without disturbing the feeling of being in the middle of the nature.


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    This is a strained interpretation of “relation between nature and human space.” Nevertheless, the inside decoration is relaxing.

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