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How to Choose Seating for your Kitchen Island

The introduction of kitchen island seating is one of the best things to happen to kitchens. It enables the cook to interact with their guests as they entertain. It also enables smaller homes and apartments to fit seating where they can’t fit a full dining room table. Depending on the amount of space you have and your entertaining style will dictate your seating for your island. Here are tips for how to choose seating that suites your kitchens needs.

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  • Space can dictate your seating: If your kitchen island is large, then the seating for it can utilize full size chairs. While smaller kitchen islands may be only able to accommodate two seats. When deciding on your seating, decide how much space you want your guests to have. Often times in kitchens the island is more of a decorative addition than practical seating. Assess your space to see where your kitchen island falls.

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  • What is your island’s function: Seating at your kitchen island should be based on how your family and how you plan to use it. For those who entertain, you may want seating that allows guests to eat a full meal or just a stool that allows standing and sitting in a more casual setting. If you have children and the kitchen island is where they do homework, you may want a lower counter and seating area.  This will help them spread out and feel comfortable, and will help you have easy access to helping them.

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  • Full area seating: Your kitchen island doesn’t only need to be for short stays at the counter. Several kitchen islands are as big as dining room tables and can accommodate larger parties to sit. For these islands consider using full benches with or without backing to allow the seated person more comfort. Full size chairs can be used and chairs can match the adjacent dining room table to uniform the space.

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  • No dining room area: If you live in an apartment or small home where a dining room is not an option, a kitchen island with seating is ideal. Even if you need to renovate your space, kitchen island seating may make your space flow better if you have little room to maneuver in your current eating area. Get inspiration from your favorite décor magazine for small loft areas or apartment living dining spaces.
  • Remove the seating when needed: If your kitchen island overlooks into a walkway area or adjacent area, the seating often gets in the way of traffic patterns. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have seating. Consider using smaller stools or chairs that can be utilized in other rooms or put in a closet when they aren’t needed. This will help you entertain guests when needed, but allow your kids to run around the house without bumping into chairs as well!

Kitchen island seating can make your kitchen more versatile and improve the communication between the cook and guests. From busy parents helping their kids, to sitting and enjoying a full meal, the kitchen island has become the new dining room table. Use these tips to help you decide what kitchen island seating suits your needs best. After all the heart of the home is in the kitchen, so take full advantage of it!

Freshome readers tell us about your ideal kitchen island. What type of seating do you like, and which type fits your home best? Thanks for sharing with us!

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