Colors vs. Classic White Rocky Collection from Joel Escalona

Colors vs. Classic White Rocky Collection from Joel Escalona

We don’t know if you guys remember, but a few months ago we featured The Rocky Collection from Joel Escalona in black. In today’s post we would like to showcase two other approaches to this intriguing collection: Color Series and White Series. The uncommon sets consist of four different furniture pieces: a coffee table, a TV cabinet, a wardrobe and a credenza. Even though their shape is the same, the colorful set differs a lot from the white one. While the first can fit in a nonconformist, highly personalized interior, the second set can only be integrated in a minimalist, opulent room. We decided to present them both, for a fun and strong contrast. How would you integrate the first colorful set in an interior? What combination of furniture pieces would you choose ? What set do you like best?

  • 115_rocky-coffee-table-set1
  • 115_rocky-credenza-set1
  • 115_rocky-credenza-set2
  • 115_rocky-tv-stand-set1
  • 115_rocky-tv-stand-set2
  • 115_rocky-wardrobe-set1
  • 122_rocky-coffee-table
  • 122_rocky-color
  • 122_rocky-credenza-rojo
  • 122_rocky-credenza-rojo-red
  • 122_tv-cabinet-purple


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  • Kyoto October 28, 2010 at 13:41 PMLogin to Reply →

    Those pics are real contemporary style. I love them so much… nice sharing, keep posting